Motiejus Jakštys Public Record


In reverse-chronological order.

Uber: 2016-now

Solving all sorts of interesting Infra problems.

Tech: Go and Linux.

Locations: Amsterdam (2016), Vilnius (2017-now).

Amazon: 2014-2016

  • Amazon WorkMail.
  • Intersection between the business application and the system (and networks) that are running it.

Tech: Java, Linux, AWS public offerings and internal Amazon stack.

Location: The Netherlands.

Spil Games: 2012-2014

  • Backend application developer.
  • Networking and Linux investigator.

Tech: Erlang, C and Linux.

Location: The Netherlands.

Glasgow University: 2011-2012

Linux systems and hardware administrator.

Location: Glasgow, Scotland.

Mano Numeris: 2010-2011

Business line application developer in Erlang.

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania.


Vilnius University: 2019-2021

MSc in Cartography.

University of Glasgow: 2010-2013

BSc in Computing Science.