Motiejus Jakštys Public Record Signup


As some of you may have already noticed, I have launched a pre-registration page for Here is it’s headline: is a Hosted Syncthing peer. Designed for Syncthing users seeking reliable backups and resilience.

I came up with the idea after running syncthing semi-manually for a few years now. At certain times I want to have a bootstrapped start-up of my own, and this feels like something I want to and would be skilled to do.

I have launched the registration page in 2024-01-17, which, as of writing, is a bit over 2 months ago. My marketing has been:

  1. Become a sponsor of syncthing (e.g. scroll down in the Syncthing downloads page to find the logo).
  2. Announced it in the syncthing forum.
  3. Announced it in #11sync on Libera Chat.

26 people entered their e-mail address, 3 of which seem to be people I know. The rate of sign-ups seems to be quite steady. Assuming a ~€10/month service fee and an overly-optimistic whopping 10% conversion rate, that brings me to 2 users or €20/month.

I will keep the preregistration page open (and keep sponsoring syncthing), but the market signal has been quite clear: there aren’t hoards of people rushing to sign up. :)